I have been involved with media since my high school days. Taking many of the speech tournament top honors, I graduated with a desire to make a career in communications. Since that time I have worked in radio for over 13 years, recorded music with several bands, written commercials and jingles for many businesses, spoke to a live groups of people weekly for over 17 years and host my own afternoon show on KIX95.3

I am a musician with a computer studio for recording songs and other audio digitally. I  have created several Star Trek parody songs located here. Skilled in graphic creation and the above media elements, I can help your business, event or website to look and sound polished and professional. I am very creative and can offer some great consultation when it comes to innovative media. Moyer Multi Media is a licensed LLC with the State of Washington. For package pricing and hourly rates please email me.  or simply click on “How much do you charge?”


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